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Day 273 - SWITZERLAND: From Brigabad to Saint Leonard
April 23rd, 2007 | categorizilation: 全カテゴリー

Surprise surprise. I am here. This is the region in which I will be spending the next two months or more.

Mountains up the valley as seen from Visp, Switzerland

I was always under the impression that I would be closer to Lake Geneva. But I took another look at the map, and Anzere, the place where I will be located with Village Camps, is here in the Valais region of Switzerland.

But I am getting ahead of myself. On the way to Saint Leonard, I met a snake.

Friendly snake near Saint Leonard, Switzerland

Being from New Zealand, the country with no snakes or any other nasty creatures that could bite you and poison you to death, I fearlessly poked it with a stick till it was tired enough for me to capture this shot. It didn’t look poisonous. I wasn’t game enough to touch it, but it looked friendly enough. Brown in colour, and about 20cm long, with a 1cm or so thickness. I mistoook it for a very large worm at first. After asking locals about it, it appears that this is a harmless garden snake.

And speaking of locals, I met Lukas today. He is from up north in Switzerland, and rides a Swiss-made recumbent. The maker is FATEBA, and it is a long wheelbase recumbent.

He was on his way up a hill to climb some mountains.

Lukas rides a FATEBA recumbent, made in Switzerland


Comment by 千恵子 フスマン — 2007/4/25 Wednesday @ 16:52:34 | post a comment

I was looking forward to seeing you. But when you are already in
wallis,it is too far to come to visit us in Luzern. What a pity !
We used to go skiing at Haute Nendaz which is near from Anzere.
Anyway I congratulate you that you reached in Wallis healthy and
cheerfully without big problemes. Our door is always open for you. Please, come to see us whenever you can. I am looking forward to hearing you soon.

Comment by お母さん — 2007/4/25 Wednesday @ 20:10:34 | post a comment



Comment by セスナ — 2007/4/26 Thursday @ 10:52:02 | post a comment



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