Exploring the dead straight Kita Go-jo forestry road in Chitose City, Hokkaido, Japan


The Kita Go-jo Rindo (rindo means forestry road in Japanese) is a conspicuously straight closed-to-general traffic dirt road in Chitose City, Hokkaido, Japan. It more or less connects Chitose City proper with the Lake Shikotsu area, and makes for a very nice day trip from Chitose to the lake. Kita …

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Summer Solstice Overnight Cycle Trip to Lake Shikotsu (Hokkaido, Japan)


Sometimes the stars align and your younger brother you’ve not seen in a year comes to Japan for the weekend. When that weekend is the summer solstice, there’s only one way to celebrate: get him on a bike and take him to one of the most pristine lakes in Hokkaido …

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Longboard Portugal

Bustin Longboards sent me a heads up about their Longboard Portugal series. I’m not up with the play on the specifics, but I’m a serious sucker for far away places and old cities; two things this unfolding series delivers on. Makes me want to go to Portugal even more.

Looks like Bustin has a push-specific board these days too: the Nomad Pusher. Looks nice on my computer screen :-)

Full Portugal series here: http://www.bustinboards.com/longboard-portugal

Episode 1 below

Southwest Hokkaido Cycle Tour Day 5 – Leaving Kuromatsunai by Train


Our final day on our cycle tour in southern Hokkaido involved more train travel than bicycle travel. Needing to be back to work the next day, we bundled the bikes on the train and enjoyed a relaxing journey through the mountains back home. Taking bicycles on the train in Japan …

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Southwest Hokkaido Cycle Tour Day 4 – Setana to Kuromatsunai


We were beaten by the hills and snow yesterday, but today we soldiered onward via the alternate route: the magnificent Japan Sea coast road. With a roaring tailwind to boot. One purpose of yesterday’s attempt at crossing the Kariba range was to avoid the Japan Sea coast north of Setana …

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Southwest Hokkaido Cycle Tour Day 3 – Taisei to the Bear’s Nest


Gravel roads, pushing bikes through snow, and tough decisions…with our cycle touring team now three – counting the addition of Dirk – we set off this morning for what became the most adventurous day of this Golden Week ramble in southern Hokkaido. The day started out easy enough though: a …

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