Tern Verge S27h folding touring bicycle – A gravel-road-touring review


I took Tern’s dedicated cycle touring 20-inch folding bike, the Verge S27h, on one of New Zealand’s more challenging back-country gravel road routes this past week – the Molesworth Muster Trail. The plan was to see some of New Zealand’s spectacular remote scenery, and also put the bike through its …

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2015 Tern Verge S27h Folding Bicycle: Initial Impressions Review


UPDATE (2015/03/12) – See my gravel road touring review of the Tern Verge S27h here: http://www.14degrees.org/tern-verge-s27h-folding-touring-bicycle-gravel-road-review/ ——————- I bought a Tern Verge S27h 20-inch wheeled folding touring bicycle the other day. This is an evolving first-impressions review blog post. Folding bikes with small wheels. They elicit all the usual questions: Don’t …

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Cycling Across Hokkaido, Japan (Days 14 and 15): Hobetsu to Sapporo


Our approximate route for the two days: https://goo.gl/maps/suFP8 Inevitably on the last few days of our annual cycle trips here in Hokkaido, I stop taking photos. Things get familiar, and I am less inclined to take out the camera. But that’s not to say that our route on these last two …

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Cycling Across Hokkaido, Japan (Day 13): Hidaka to Hobetsu


Route for today: https://goo.gl/maps/M6lbg There are some great cycle shops in Sapporo City, where Haidee and I live. Some are better than others, and usually it’s not the stuff they stock that makes them great. It’s the people working there. Nakamura Cycles is one such shop. Mr. Nakamura himself – the …

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Cycling Across Hokkaido, Japan (Day 12): Rest day in Hidaka


After the long climb and stressful traffic of yesterday’s Nissho Pass route, we decided to lay low today and take it easy. And it was a beautiful day for it. Sunny but cool and breezy. A truly perfect day among the mountains. We also did some wandering around in town. …

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Cycling Across Hokkaido, Japan (Day 11): From Arashiyama to Hidaka


Today’s route (the most stressful of the trip): https://goo.gl/maps/6rVAb The campground at Arashiyama was an interesting one. Most campgrounds we had stayed in so far on this trip had lush grass to pitch the tent on. Arashiyama’s tent sites were dirt. Which means that the idyllic photo below somewhat belies the …

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Cycling Across Hokkaido, Japan (Day 10): From Honbetsu to Arashiyama


I hadn’t mentioned in yesterday’s post that Honbetsu campground is definitely one of the better ones we’ve stayed at in Hokkaido. Lush grass, mature trees, and obviously popular among the locals. Soon after we left the campground, it was clear it was going to be a scorcher of a day. …

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