Tentative route: 

Route through eastern Turkey

Route through western Turkey

Approximate Dates: Late October till mid-November

Total distance to bike: 1400km

Estimated kms per day when biking: 90km per day

Climate: Average 16oC

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  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Bike shops in Istanbul:


    Pedal Sportif

    Mimar Kmalettin Cad

    Sirkeci – 34420

    Tel: +90 (212) 511 06 54

    Fax: +90 (212) 520 28 81

    Email: pedal@superonline.com

    Very friendly and knowledgeable, good English and excellent German spoken. Plenty of tourers pass through and parts can also be sent to elsewhere in Turkey in the case of breakdowns. A wide selection of imported goods – Shimano, cycle clothing etc…




    Hamidye Cad

    Eski Duyunu Sok No2/2

    Sirkeci – Istanbul

    Tel: +90 (212) 527 35 63

    Fax: +90 (212) 522 55 81

    Email: sinanemanet@superonline.com.tr

    Not much English spoken – Russian and Bulgarian though – but understatedly friendly. We were invited for lunch as well as the usual Turkish tea. Excellent supply of top knotch Shimano goodies, very good prices.


    REF: http://www.tandemtoturkestan.com/reference/bikesh