Yeah, that was a mind blowing mission…

Right, so I am ok. No need to send out any search teams. I am safely in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. Highlights of the last month:

  • Hard, hard spewing, still while a day from civilization.
  • Visa expires even when I still have 500km to cycle to a place where I can extend it.
  • Digital camera gets stolen. Again.
  • Digital camera gets recovered. Five days later.
  • Spongy, sandy, rocky, corrugated roads.
  • Bad, bad food.
  • Trying to have conversations with Afagan nationals on the other side of the Panj River.

Ok, and there was also some mind blowing scenery too.

All to be revealed in the next few days! So hold tight and keep your eyes out for some excting updates from a stage of the trip that has been the most physically, emotionally, and mentally draining so far.

Was it an awesome one month? Without a doubt.

Would I choose to repeat it? No way.

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25 thoughts on “Yeah, that was a mind blowing mission…

  • Kevin


    You really had me worried! But I'm thrilled to learn that you are alive and (reasonably) well. And I'm looking forward to reading the details, too!

  • shirley bond

    Hi Rob

    It sounds worse than I imagined!! Lots of pray has been going up for you this last month. People in LBC asking after you.

    It feels strange not having a home of my own to go to. The people who bought our house have 2 big pig dogs and obviously don't care about having the place tidy. The neighbours are complaining about the dogs barking at all hours.

    I am quite settled in at Capons. We have made one of the bedrooms into a sitting room, so I don't get in Tim and Hannah's way much.

    Emily Jane and I are going down to Twizel for the weekend to visit old haunts. Wish you were with us.


  • Lee

    Yay! He survived! That's fantastic. Thanks God.

    No self-sacrificing rush to get stuff to us. Recharge. Be refreshed. This is about your journey, not our entertainment. It's wonderful enough to know you're still around.

    Blessings and all things good to you across the seas.


  • Aunty Jenny

    Great to have you back!! I've been on tenderhooks the last few days, waiting for blog up-date. How on earth did the camera manage to go missing and then return again? You are very fortunate that no one has tried to steal your bike! We had a party for Richards 21st and my birthday on Friday night. Got to catch up with Mark and Eline, but didn't get to see Zoe as she was supposed to be sleeping but had got too stimulated and had to be kept quiet and away from everyone. She finally went to sleep just when everyone was leaving.

    Really looking forward to seeing your photos of the inhospitable terrain you have manmaged to survive!

  • Aunty Lyn

    Glad to hear you are safe and in the civilised world!! We were starting to wonder and certainly praying for God's care of you in the wiilds

  • Achim

    Good to hear from you. That is what a world traveller's life is all about. Different than a 9-5 Job, but something to remember a life long. You still have a long way to go, hope that the following days will be easier to cycle. Good Luck!!!

  • Mike C

    So glad you're back Rip van Winkle!

    Was getting pretty worried coz you were meant to be out of range for 12 days, not 3 weeks! I bet you've got some crazy stories from that mission!

    I suspect that the last few weeks will make a tidy chapter in your book!

    How's that beard going?

    🙂 Mike

  • Murdo

    Phew sounds like a hell of a time! Good work for getting through it mate. The world is as you left it…apart from North Korea going nuts!

  • Joe

    Today it was windier than normal at APU. I bet it was from all of us following you breathing a collective sigh of relief! Take care out there.

  • David

    Rob, if aliens invaded our planet, and we needed to clone an army of super soldiers to defend the planet, you would be the template!

    Good to hear you're safe. Rest up!

    P.S. I rode up to APU with Joe the other day, but he rollerbladed up the damn hill instead of cycling. Go figure!

  • carl w.

    Hope there's more yak pictures has it been 3 weeks already? Being self absorbed with my own stuff I had not realised the time whizzing past.

    Have a break from all the fun and hope to see the pictures.

    regards from darkest surrey

  • malcolm

    Bro. we weren't worried at all. I mean friends go missing for extended periods in the pamir highway all the time. most of them even come out the other end. same old same old. boring stories to follow… I guess they might be worth a bit of a look – depends if I can find the time between doing nothing, and being a slob. also i wasnt worried at all about you cause I have far to many little petty issues in my life to get at all concerned about other people. Life is pretty tough over here too obviously. anyway. enough of that sillyness.

    stoked for you bro. you hard core hairy man. cant wait to hear your stories. super glad you came out the other end too. (also kinda glad there is still a gap that big in the world without internet). Amen

  • Jo

    Great to hear from you again Rob – everyone here seems to be checking each day to see if you have made it back to civilization! All my family in different parts of the world seems to be mesmorized by your journey too. The book is definately going to be a best seller! Life here in Japan seems so tame compared to your tales. Nothing like a bit of "adventure, challenge and fun". Now if you could just get the "balance" bit under control…..

    Thanks for checking into my blog during your journey – definately not as exciting as yours!

    Really looking forward to your next update.

  • Aunty Les

    It's very strange posting a comment on Saturday 28th October when this blog is only 22nd October! Looking forward to the next exciting instalment of blog and photos.

  • Aunty Jenny

    Hey Rob, I was very interested in your comments about the preacher guy that you listened to. We had a guy from WEK come and preach last Sunday and he is working in Central Asia, and he said basically the same thing, that the great commission set out in Mathew, is not to make converts but to get the gospil message out to all the world. As you say, it is then up to the individual to accept it or not. When it is put in those terms, I think it makes the whole spreading of the word, awhole lot less daunting, and makes it much more achievable.