In 2008 I spent 5 months skateboarding almost 5,500km across China. I have mixed memories of that trip. Memories of pure joy and memories of pure torment. But the one indifferent constant of that trip was China National Highway 312. This trans-China highway was my home for that 5 months. […]

Revisiting an old friend: The China National Highway 312

The Asia New Zealand Foundation Leaders Network is a global network of young professionals working in some way connecting Asia and New Zealand…business, education, diplomacy, culture…many different areas are represented. I’m very happy to be a part of the network, and had the chance to travel to Xian, China, for […]

Asia New Zealand Foundation Leaders Network North Asia Hui (Xian, ...

At some point towards the beginning of my skate across China in 2008, I wrote the following piece for the forum. I happened to come across it again after all these years, so I thought I would share it here. Somehow I managed to capture well the trials and […]

Distance Skateboarding in China

In the words of another distance skateboarder, Adam Colton, traveling by skateboard “is a pretty stupid idea.” It really is. It is less efficient than cycling, you are at the mercy of the road surface and traffic is infinitely less forgiving towards you than other forms of human powered transport. […]

The Allure of Long Distance Skateboarding