Some updated updates

For those of you who have been following this blog since the beginning (thank you so much for your patience as I trundle along!), you may recall the madness that ensued while I was cycling through Kyrgyzstan. Or should that be, pushing…

I have updated those fateful Kyrgyzstan posts with the corresponding pictures, so if you wish to revisit or experience for the first time (for those new to the site) the few days when I pushed, hauled, and carried the bike over unrideable terrain in Kyrgyzstan, take a look at the revamped Day 51, Day 52, Day 53, and Day 54 posts.

There were also quite a few other posts from Kyrgyzstan which did not include the corresponding photos. These have been updated and can be seen in the Kyrgyzstan Category of the blog.

Over and out.

Near Kerege-Tash Pass, Kyrgyzstan

(Click on this photo for a big version)

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