Tentative route:

Route through Kyrgyzstan

Approximate Dates: Early September till late September

Total distance to bike: 1200km

Estimated kms per day when biking: 90kms per day

Climate: Average max. 27degC, dry.

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3 thoughts on “kyrgyzstan

  • Haidee


    Website is looking very pro.

    Your route thru Kg looks like it will spectacular scenery wise = ) Have you consulted anyone about the Osh onwards part?

    My recollection is that its not all that safe round there…maybe times have changed? Make sure you go swimming in Issuk Kul, you probably dont need encouragement though = ) I`ll forward this web address to some friends in Kg, they may have some helpful comments or offers = )

    Thanks Haidee. The more up-to-date info I can get the better, so feel free to forward away! – Rob