Tentative route:

The whole of China

Eastern China

Western China detail


Approximate Dates: Late July till late August

Total distance to bike: 820km

Estimated kms per day when biking: 90kms per day

Other transport used: Train from Beijing to Urumqi (62 hours). This will cut out about a month’s riding, but essential if I want to make it to Instanbul by the 13th of November.

Climate: Range from average 26oC and humid in Beijing, to average 24oC and dry in Urumqi.

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6 thoughts on “china

  • Haidee

    Hey Rob

    I have a friend from Uni who lives in Tianjin, I`ll ask her about any recommendations for you. How much does the ferry from Seoul to Tianjin cost and how long does it take?

    Is there a website for the ferry service?

    May God bless you


  • Rob Thomson Post author


    Yeah, I'd be stoked if your friend has any comments…The ferry from Incheon Port to Tianjin takes 25 hours and costs 115000KRW (just less than 200NZD).

    I've been in contact with a Japanese guy who did the same thing on his bike earlier this year. He's currently on a round the world trip – 心の旅. Very informative.

    – Rob

  • Mike C

    My Dad was born in China, just south of Urumqi in a little village called Narat. His family moved to another little village called Araltube when he was four. His family immigrated to NZ when he was 12. Be stoked to see some photos of the area!

  • T. Kootee Korvah

    Hi Rob,

    My location is in Guinea, West Africa.

    I am folling you through the internet. I understand you are now in China. Bravo! Could you please help tell me a little about the people, climate, food and some other interetine things about China?

    God bless you.