Pre-Departure (132 days): Injected with diseases

I had my initial jabs today in preparation for the trip:

  • Tetanus booster
  • Hepatitus A and B
  • Rabies

Total cost for these four jabs was 17,850JPY. I have to go back in three weeks time for another round of Hepatitus jabs and for a Typhoid jab. The Typhoid one has to be imported into Japan especially – 25,000JPY for that one injection alone! Ouch. But I guess that’s a lot cheaper than getting treated for the disease…

The doc I saw was an interesting chap. At least 60 years old, Japanese, and surprisingly good English. My appointment was for 1:30pm, and there were no indications that I would be getting injected until about 2:30pm. For a solid hour we yarned about travelling. His first time abroad was a year-long stint in Tanzania studying virus strains. “About 40 years ago. Ha ha ha.” Very jovial doc.

The nurse that actually did the jabbing wasn’t accustomed to giving a person four injections at once, so was just about to inject a second injection in my left arm (my right arm already had two), when a senior nurse noticed and scolded her for not doing a jab in each arm and a jab in each bum cheek. No ill effects so far, so I’m sure I’ll survive.

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2 thoughts on “Pre-Departure (132 days): Injected with diseases

  • Andrew

    Dude, sorry to be geeky, but they are not really diseases. They are basically dead shells.

    Website looks really cool though.

    There ya go. Hope that cured your loneliness!!

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Andrew, you most certainly have cured me of my lonliness. You are poster number three in the history of the English version of this site. Ta!

    What would this world do without geeks. I guess we wouldn't have…which would be a pity.

    To save money, I once tried injecting myself with dead seashells. But for some reason they had trouble passing through my blood-stream. I guess those shells you're talking about are special ones…