Days 569 and 570 – USA (TEXAS): Resting in Austin

It was supposed to be rest, but I spent most of the time on the internet sorting out onward travel issues and working on editing footage for Part III of the video updates. This time the footage is from the skate from Slidell, Louisiana, to Austin, Texas. A total of over 1000km, averaging about 60kms a day – well within my schedule of 1000 miles a month.

(click on the above image for video)
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On another note, way back in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I was on the local news. Here is the footage:

(click on the above image for video)
(video will open in a new window)

There was an awful lot of fun had over the weekend also with Kelly and her flatmates Amy, Christy, Dawn, Ashley, and another house full of girls just down the street.

In the car with Dawn, Libby, and Kelly in Austin, Texas, USA

We asserted ourselves as real people, eating at a BBQ place, where real people eat meat. And so the US infatuation with beef continues…

Are you a real person?! (Austin, Texas, USA) Dead animal in Austin, Texas, USA

Honest, I do (BBQ Restaurant in Austin, Texas, USA)

And what evening could be complete without fire.

The firepit in Austin, Texas, USA

A massively big and large thankyou to the lovely ladies for the wonderful restful weekend, and for driving me all over town to find all the bits and pieces I needed for the ongoing journey.

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6 thoughts on “Days 569 and 570 – USA (TEXAS): Resting in Austin

  • Lee

    Hey, great stuff again.

    On your Slidell-Austin footage, is the backing track made with Garageband? There's one percussion bit that's just like one I used in my one and only song ever made on Garageband. (at Eastercamp 2006, as one of the workshops. Yay for that.)

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    @ Lee – Dunno about the backing track makers. I recorded it off Groove Salad from Soma FM. Internet radio. Never got the name of the clip. One of the those tracks that you like so much that you listen to it too much and now you don't like it coz you listened to it too much.

  • Lee

    Yeah, hate when that happens. Many a great songs is wasted that way, I'm sure. Much sadness. There are some very cool kiwi tunes to introduce you to when you get back! Hopefully we'll overlap in the same country at least for a little bit. I just got in from seeing an awesome jazz singer L A Mitchell in town.

  • Aunty Les

    Just watched the 2 videos. I reckon you must be getting pretty fit as you don't seem to do any coasting along but have to push every inch of the way. You sure don't need that brake-sail you had in Europe!

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    @ Aunty Les – It's actually quite exciting how my body has adapted to the extra strain of skateboarding. Especially now in the Texas hill country, with steep hills and rough chipseal. The chipseal really increases the rolling resistance a lot, adding to the overall energy I have to put into each push.