Day 903 – NEW ZEALAND: Running

A distinct lack of photos are being taken these days. Oh well.

So I went running with the Christchurch Marathon Clinic today. Absolutely fantastic. Running has never been so perfectly agreeable. The biggest thing that I enjoy about doing physical activity with others, is the fact that your mind is taken off any physical suffering that you might be enduring.

Hmm….let me put it another way. When I am on my own, I tend to focus inwards on my suffering. When I am with others, I realise that my suffering either doesn’t even exist at all, or is actually of a very insignificant presence.

So I’ll keep that up, me thinks. It gave my mind a rest.

In other news, a trio of talented longboarders, Paul Kent, Aaron Enevoldsen, and Adam Colton are currently on the road skateboarding from Lima in Peru, in a general south-ward direction in South America. They are all carrying their own gear individually, and have some massively beautiful challenges ahead of them, including quite a few 4,000m plus high passes across the Andes. It gave me goose-bumps reading about their first few days in Lima. A land of contrasts, vastly different culturally to their own. It’s going to be a mad, mad ride, so hang on with them for the ride:

Long Treks On Skate Decks

Solo Distance Skateboarding South America

A big thanks to for working on the site and coordinating some of the web stuff for them, and for us (the readers).

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2 thoughts on “Day 903 – NEW ZEALAND: Running

  • Laura

    Hey Rob – thanks for putting up the info about the trip – website to follow soon!

    Good to hear you're finding running a good laugh, it canes my knees too much (says she) but I did enjoy reading 'ultramarathon man' after your recommendation. Passed it on to my brother in fact, who was in a bit of a life lull, and he's now running around Croatian streets quite happily whilst he refits a superyacht!

    Much love kind sir,

    Laura xx

  • Daniel N. Lang

    Wow, I hope they'll do well on their skateboards. I remember the traffic on the main roads along the coast with all the buses and SUVs to be really dangerous and imagine it to be even more dangerous if you're not in a bus but on a longboard!