Day 87 – From Ishkashim to Garmchasma

I had my doubts about the $300. They were confirmed today when I was told through an interpreter that the detective could not find anyone to come up with $300 to give to me as a guarantee for finding the camera. Considering I had to pay $30 for petrol to get to Warang yesterday, it doesn’t surprise me. It was a dumb idea (the $300) in the first place.

Eventually it was decided that they would try to contact me through the interpreter once they found the camera. The detective is adamant that he will find it. He suspects the son of the guesthouse owner. I told him that there is no way that he could have done it. He was with me the whole time.

Anyway, at this present moment in time I hold no hope of the camera being found. This little point and shoot film camera will have to suffice until I can get my hands on a new digital camera.

Mountain goats near Ishkashim, Tajikistan / 山ヤギ(タジキスタン、イシュカシム町付近)

Mountain goats near Ishkashim, Tajikistan / 山ヤギ(タジキスタン、イシュカシム町付近)

Today’s riding was fairly easy. I am getting a little tired of the scenery though. More high walled valley, with the river running down it.

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One thought on “Day 87 – From Ishkashim to Garmchasma

  • Aunty Jenny

    Is that some kind of bread I can see in the photo? What kind of food have you ben eating lately? I love hearing about how different cultures eat and what they eat.