Day 856 – NEW ZEALAND: Kaikoura to a church about 130km south of there

It was hot today. The hotest day I’ve had in New Zealand since arriving a month ago. I pushed on over hills and through the heat today, and stopped at St Paul’s church near the main road in a town whose name I do not know. I spent from 5pm till 9pm there reading and eating (pasta and pasta sauce), and was not disturbed. So I set up camp and fell asleep in awe that this is the last night of my journey on the road. It could not have been a better last free-camping spot.

A church

Tomorrow is it. A day that will go down in history in my life. The end of the road, so to speak. Right here and right now I have complicated emotions. Just live in the moment, Rob. What will come next will come next.

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7 thoughts on “Day 856 – NEW ZEALAND: Kaikoura to a church about 130km south of there

  • mike1727

    I'm reading Josie Dew's Long CLoud Ride about her journey through New Zealand- good to see some of the placenames as you pass though them.

    So- I'm guessing you must be home by now. Put your feet up for a bit- but keep blogging and posting photos on flickr!

  • Laura

    Rob, thank you for providing us all with something so amazing to follow online. You've truly been fascinating to meet – albeit in cyberspace – and I can honestly say you've helped me push the barriers of my own abilities. Thank you.

    Just you have a nice cup of tea and a bath when you pull up at home. I guess you're already there now!

    Big love, and please accept my apologies for not having a parcel of fun there for your arrival. My finances have been awful recently, but I'm not going to rest until you get what you 'deserve' 🙂 tee hee!

    Lots of proud love,

    Laura xxx

  • Shane

    mate, well done, sent the board home with Mum after a reunion of a similar time frame in Asia and now wonder whether that was nessesary. Just discovered your blog through the news, currently in Nepal, where by the by, its a good thing you skipped (?) cause the roads, suck.


    Kiwi in Pokhara

    Home NZ in Jan after 2.5, gonna be sweet huh. P

  • Uncle Peter

    My guess is your church is a Waipara – see Google Earth co-ordinates 43 02' 47" S, 172 47' 03" E.

    Sorry we couldn't make it to the family reunion but we have plans.

  • Katey B

    You're back-awesome:)

    On the video back there you were looking so stoked going into CHCH and then your face at the cathedral…ah, well…it happens.

    I'm sure your family and friends are treating you right.

    You know life hasn't stopped because you've completed this great feat.

    Adventures happen every day and in many ways.


    You'll have to let us know in your book what happens next-please.

    Till next time:)