Day 852 – NEW ZEALAND: Is life being kick-started again?

[blog post re-written due to mysterious loss of original]

Well a most interesting thing happened today. I decided to ask a girl out on a date. In hindsight I think I felt a little like Andrew Steyn, the lead character in the 1980’s film The Gods Must Be Crazy (see for quotes). All flustered and not sure what to do, rather than just being myself.

While I was rushing to find some concert or something to go to (doesn’t everyone go to concerts on dates? Like in the movies?), and finally giving up on that idea (we were in Blenheim after all), she ended up suggesting a much more pleasant option: go for a hike in the hills.

Chilling in the Wither Hills, Blenheim, New Zealand

I had a great time, and we really get on well, and have plenty in common. I’m thinking I would almost rather stay in Blenheim than carry on to Christchurch and face reality…but unfortunately the journey must be finished.

So with plenty of reservations about the big life transition up ahead, we have agreed that we should at least see each other again at some stage in the future…

A most unexpected event!

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