Day 846 – NEW ZEALAND: Video update from Wellington

For those whose computer struggles with the Vimeo version of the videos, I will be uploading a Youtube version of this soon. Link to Vimeo version here:

Be sure to watch till the end for the bloopers!

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7 thoughts on “Day 846 – NEW ZEALAND: Video update from Wellington

  • Rene Bruce

    Great Vid !!! I've done that same tubing type deal down the Virgin River in Zion UT, except it was hella cold water, but 100 out as this water comes from snow run off.. burr.. anyhow read the last entries from the entire NZ trip now, and WAY to go !!! I have never ridden that type of bike only worked on them way back when, but I think I would stick to mtb myself.haha.. so let me ask you this, your traveling with a laptop and camera right ? G6 canon I think you said, laptop ? what vid editing software you using too ?? here is a pict of us floating the river btw.. Rene

  • Katey B

    Kia ora.

    Your thoughts on NZ I get.

    Mike and your adventures with the bike and the washer/drier antics at Andrew's flat were a crack up. Loved Mike and Joel's comments on the 'best thing of the day'.

    Watch your spelling with King Tāwhiao as he's an important man to NZ's history:)

    As usual, nice to see you on and off your bike-rafting and the like-thought you might end up in the drink in the Wanganui River but hey…you did land in a puddle for entertainment. Cheers for adding that:)

    Kia kaha tonu e hoa! He poto te wa ki tou whare kei Te Waipounamu.

    (=Go hard mate. Not far to go till you're at your home in the South Island.)

    Na Kate B.

  • uncle Lindsay

    Hi Rob,

    It was awesome catching up with you in Palmerston North. Just like the old times. Thank you for posting "our" photograph. I think the blooper of you falling off your bike into the mud tells a thousand words. You have a smile to yourself ouse off the mud and then get back on again. Awesome attitude.

    I think 50 people or families should throw in $500 each to keep you on this remarkable world adventure once you have time to recover and write your book. My $500 is guarenteed.

    Take care on the last leg and ignore Daisies crazy idea.I think she would be fine for $500 as well!

  • Kumiko

    Wow! We were able to see some pictures with your family.

    You reach a haven of rest.

    Please say hello to your family from Yukimasa.