Day 840 – NEW ZEALAND: In Masterton

A quiet day today, with some bush walk action…photos to come.

Some inspiration from Dean Karnazes in the mean time, from his book 50 Marathons in 50 Days (ISBN 978-1-74175-559-6).

Page 224
It is so easy to live a life that has been scripted for you by others, to fall into the mire of conformity by following a path that society has laid before you, rather than heeding your own unique calling. Comfort, complacency, routeine, the path of least resistance, the easy road – these things are the bane of humankind. It is a disquieting moment when you awaken to realise the trappings of conventiality have created a life for you that is entirely different from the one you wish to live.

Page 88
Challenging and testing your mind and body, even to the point of exhaustion, failiure, and breakdown, can feel as wonderful as anything else life has to offer. I suppose the enjoyment of hard work is more of an acquired taste than the taste for pleasure and fun, but once you’ve acquired it, you’re blessed with more ways to feel good, and life is better. Harder and better.

Matt Henwood, my friend who I stayed with in Auckland, bought the book for me to take with me on my way. It was an interesting read with many transferrable principles even if you’re not into running.

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6 thoughts on “Day 840 – NEW ZEALAND: In Masterton

  • Stephanie C

    Hi Rob, It will be interesting what route you take from here, I was browsing through 101 mtb rides that your bro gave us, and the Rimutaka incline looks like a goodie, or can you go around the coast? (I thought you couldn't, cliffs, rocks + seals)

  • Joel


    Are you walking NZ? Haven't been here in a while.

    If you go anywhere near Nelson, maybe you can look up Neil and Michelle. (forgive my lack of NZ geography)

    Oh, I hear you have a new leader. don't know anything about him, but I commend your country for managing the whole affair swiftly– much less than the 2 years it took the United States.

  • Katey B

    Howdy dudey.

    It seems that the adventures are ongoing whether you are on the bike or not, physically active or not.

    All good.

    Is it just me or do you find 'nyu-ji-' very grounding?


  • Stephanie C

    This is great Rob. We discussed some of these quotes tonight at home group. I think these principles can even be applied to the challenges God gives us.