Day 84 – WAKHAN VALLEY: In Ishkashim

Lazy day listening to MP3 recordings of sermons at The Meeting House. This is a Christian church that impresses me most by its primary mission:

To give as many people as possible the opportunity to say no to the message of Jesus. Or yes.

That statement is in stark contrast to many other Christian missions whose sole goal is to convert, convert, convert the heathens!

The responsibility of evangelism is not to convert people. It is to get the message out there. Whether a person chooses to believe is their own informed choice…

This sermon (Ripple Effect – Growing in Grace) reminded me of how even though I might like to think that I by travelling alone I am succeeding on my own, in reality I have only made it this far by the continual support and assistance of people I meet on the road, and the psycological support I receive through this website. To know that people are relating to my day to day struggles and joys is an immense encouragement.

I agree with the speaker’s comment that ‘I am not self sufficient’.

They have some interesting sermons there at the Meeting House, discussing some very contemporary issues from a biblical perspective. And the speaker, Bruxy Cavey, has a very dynamic speaking style that is deep but also funny. You will laugh at least once in every sermon.

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3 thoughts on “Day 84 – WAKHAN VALLEY: In Ishkashim

  • Lee

    Yes – we *are* following along with you. (in thought/prayer if not in vigilant every-single-day checking).

    Stunning, gruelling, glorious progress… God is giving you strength beyong sense and reason and explanation.

    The incessant burping thing sounds like possibly giardia… any hint of sulphur in the 'air'? (I'll keep reading reading… possibly it's explained further on)

    Rob the legend.

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Collinz, I was actually contacted by email from one of the people organising the search. Unfortunately I did not hear anything about a Russian while I was in the Wakhan Valley. I do hope he is found safe and sound.