Day 82 – WAKHAN VALLEY: From Warang to Shitkhraw

The owner of the guesthouse I stayed in the last two days and where my camera went missing continued to be extremely apologetic this morning. He even offered me his camera as a replacement. It was only marginally better than the point and shoot film camera that I bought at the local store for US$6, so of course I declined.

Today has been tough. I still feel weak and I can’t stand the sight .let alone the taste of the food they have in this valley (unvariably potato and carrot soup with masses of vegetable oil on top).

There was also easily the strongest head wind I have encountered thus far. This along with some very sandy spots in the road.

Sandy roads in the Wakhan Valley, Tajikistan / 道路が!(タジキスタン、ワカン谷)

Sandy roads in the Wakhan Valley, Tajikistan / 道路が!(タジキスタン、ワカン谷)

Civil engineering near Warang, Tajikistan / タジキスタン土木工事(ウ゛ァラング村付近)

The diahorrrea, gas, and incessant burps continues today also. What is wrong with my body?

Head in the way in the Wakhan Valley, Tajikistan / 頭が邪魔(タジキスタン、ワカン谷)

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