Day 817 – NEW ZEALAND: What next?

I have been blown away by the sheer number of thank you’s and congratulations over the last few weeks since I completed the journey by skateboard. It has been a whilrwind few weeks since completing the trip, and I have been feeling way behind in my blog updates. So, without further adue, a very massively hugely big belated THANK YOU to everyone who has been following my journey.

A week ago I was asked in an interview “What is the one thing you could not have done without during your journey?”

I’m not sure what they expected by way of reply, but for me the answer was simple. “My blog readers.”

To be able to share my experiences with a wider audience was and is one of my greatest joys during my journey. The encouraging comments kept me sane, and having the motivation to regularly process in words and photos what I felt and experienced has been a huge plus. I take my hat off to travelers in past times where being able to instantly share their experiences with others was not an option.

So thank you again and thank you again.

So what is next? That is the question I am being asked with unrelenting consistency now. The answer is quite simply, I don’t know.

I know what the next three or four weeks has in store for me; I will be cycling just over 1,000km from Auckland to Christchurch in New Zealand to officially finish the trip off. I will be blogging along the way, with all the usual photos and video.

After arriving in Christchurch, I plan to continue blogging on this website. Many travel blogs that I come across have plenty of action during the trip itself, but are scant on preparation and post-trip details. I hope to be able to accurately and regularly share my experiences as I explore the answer to the question in bold above.

Currently I have a desire to produce a documentary style DVD about my journey, and put together a book. Where I should start on both of those things, I have no idea. Possibilities are starting to become clearer however, so I am keeping tabs on those.

By the time I get home to Christchurch, I will be broke. I will have around NZ$0 in the bank, with no credit card debt, but I will still have my NZ$10,000 student loan lurking. My current thinking is to try to find a part time job (perhaps at an outdoor goods store) that will allow me to live and work on the DVD and book.

This is all very short-term thinking however, and I am struggling with trying to fit it all into a longer term plan (that does not exist right now).

So, first of all, I’ll just focus on riding down to Christchurch. That’ll do for a start. And yes, I’ll be back on the recumbent bike.

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15 thoughts on “Day 817 – NEW ZEALAND: What next?

  • Joyce and Myron Lind


    We've been watching your journey since you ordered the bike from us back in probably late 2005. It's been fun to read, and I admire your perseverance. Our 13 year old son has now made it his goal to travel the world by unicycle.

    Congratulations! Looking forward to reading your book someday. Joyce Lind, Harrisonburg, VA

  • Joyce and Myron Lind

    Oops. Couldn't have watched your journey since 2005–since you didn't start until 2006. Anyway. We've been reading for what seems like a long time!

    Joyce Lind

  • christine geiger

    Well, I for one am glad I pulled the duty of recording your blog for last year, and will miss the heck out of you when you're not writing.

    I hope that when you go to South America, if you do, that you'll do the same again and blog the experience.

    I've prayed for you, felt sad, rejoiced, and run a gamut of emotions during your trip, but those are probably 1% of what you've felt.

    Nothing but the best of a relaxing time back for you dear — as for what to do next? relax a bit. And then let us know.

    peace to you my brother.


  • Cornell

    Rob; I have been following your Blog for almost two years. I first bevame interested in it because I too love recumbents and kind of lived vicariously through your journey. I enjoyed reading about the various places you travelled through. Loved the photos and your videos.

    I am rather sad that it is over and will miss your blog posts from warm places, while I sit in front of my Mac during the Canadian Winter months.

    I will continue to read your blog to see what the future holds. I thank you and wish you a good and prosperous life. I was going to say "interesting" but you have already had more interesting, stimulating and introspective experiences than most folks on this planet.

    Take care of yourself!

  • Brian


    Congratulations on this truly remarkable feat. You are an inspiration. I hope to be able to do something like this someday.

    Brian, Minnesota, USA

  • Eline

    Zoe was really excited to see you on TV both times. After the arriving in NZ story she was running around saying "Auntie Rob's here, Auntie Rob's here!" Enjoy the ride down your home country & see you soon!

  • Allen Sellars

    Great work. For the life of me I cannot remember how I stumbled on your blog. You were only miles into it. I am glad to hear you will be keeping it up. There were times when I was truly bummed to not find a new post to start my day.

    All the best.

    A. Sellars

  • Scott Wayland

    Yo, Rob: Scotty from the USA. Landing home is a great feeling–can't quite imagine what it's like after 2.5 yrs. I've enjoyed your blog more than I can say, and, for totally selfish reasons, I'm sad that the journey is almost over. I'll say what a blog reader of mine said, the sweetest words a writer/adventurer can here: Can you please turn around and go back the other way so I can keep reading?

    Seriously, a total, absolutely inspiring blast of journey. We need to be reminded of the goodness of people, the rewards of adventure, and the amazing capabilities of these bodies we're given for so short a time. Ride on, brother. Life is too short to sit still.


  • matt windsor

    awsome that your back in nz dude. i look forward to seeing more blog photos on your bike trip home. if you want you can take a "little detour" and come on down the west to say hello!

    have fun!

  • Aunty Les

    What 'off the beaten track' route are you going to take to ChCh? I guess there are plenty of such roads but many of them will be windy and hilly, especially in the Nth Island.

  • Pete

    Ahh, I'm so glad you have been posting up extra stuff. I have been missing reading your blog.

    I am glad you are home, though I wouldn't mind reading about an entirely new journey. I am sure you inspired so very many others to do similar things, for sure you have inspired all of us at skatefurther.

    One day, I will get over to NZ to skate with you. Lets just get this university lark out of the way first, then I'll start skating my way there..

  • Yan

    Been reading your blog for about a year now. Sad that the journey is over, but, wow! what an adventure!

    Will be looking out for the book and DVD!

  • Jamey

    Hey Rob, and a big congratulations to you! Sorry I've been so out of touch. I've taken a leave of absence from teaching in Pensacola, and am attending grad. school in Brooklyn, New York. Watching the clip of you greeting your parents in N.Z. was powerful. What an accomplishment! I'm really thrilled for you. And of course, I smile every time I recall you passing through Pensacola–especially my student's response to you.

    Your plan for the book and dvd sounds great. This story definitely needs to be told. And a wider audience needs to hear that the world is full of kindness and generosity…and is really quite safe after all. Take care my friend.