Day 704 – CHINA (GANSU): Resting in Rumen

There will be some changes. No more early mornings. After looking at how I have been travelling over the last month, I realise that I have been pushing myself to amazing extremes. Effectively I have only been getting four to five hours sleep a night. Despite the long breaks in the middle of the day, this is not enough. This has been essential, for me to skate across the desert in the heat, but it has taken it’s toll.

The cheap inns that I have been staying at are noisy. Realistically, they are only quiet between the hours of 12 midnight and 7am. Trying to get to sleep at 10pm is tough work. I will now allow myself to sleep in till 7am, to make the most of this quiet time. Unfortunately I have lost my earplugs, which would make things much more bearable. Perhaps I can get some more in Hong Kong when I am there. I have had no luck in finding any here in China so far.

More sleep and better food. It is the way of the future. And I think that the places I am heading towards now will allow that. For the moment, at least, I am at a higher altitude now, and I can travel through the heat of the day without expiring.

We’ll see how this goes over the next week or so.

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6 thoughts on “Day 704 – CHINA (GANSU): Resting in Rumen

  • mike c

    This is a little pearl of wisdom I got from my little brother… Blu-tack makes primo earplugs. You roll it between your palms into a ball a bit bigger than a marble and jam it into your ear. It doesn't go down your ear canal. Quite effective and cheap, and reusable (since it's not so prone to ear wax).

  • rob

    I think Blue tack will be harder to find than ear plugs. Chewing gum muct be the way forward. Probably wont fall out either. !..

    I've got a bland new pair of ear plugs for you waiting in Hong Kong.