Day 693 – CHINA (XINJIANG): Videos in Hami

I’ve been a busy little bee here in Hami today. Two videos uploaded today. The first is all the action from the last five days on the road (there has been lots of it!) and the second is an introduction to the trailer setup I have on my longboard. Both the videos are also available on Youtube here: Update Six and the Longboard Trailer Intro.

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3 thoughts on “Day 693 – CHINA (XINJIANG): Videos in Hami

  • Al

    Great to see that the number of posts have increased and that you are feeling like your ol' self.

    Is your gear list up to date? Interested in seeing which manufacturers have been able to stand up to your abuse.

    Also, how are you doing the video like in the first shot of the first video? Did you just leave it running while you skated away and then back or do you have a remote?

    All the best.

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Al, thanks for the comment. The gear list is not up to date. I no longer carry a tent or a sleeping bag, among other thing. I'll get around to updating it with gear reviews eventually…

    The first shot in the video was a case of setting the camera up and just leaving it running. The video is saved onto an SD card (I use my Canon G9 for all video), so I have limited space. On the G9 I can edit the video, so I cut out the bits I don't want, saving card space.