Day 664 – CHINA (XINJIANG): In Turpan

Well, as beautiful and vibrant as Turpan is, it is all rather too hot to do anything, really. Hot, hot, hot. It is going to be rather interesting trying to skate across the desert with this heat. Lots of early morning starts are on the cards, I think.

So no photos today, but I leave you with a shout out to Peter Osterversnik, a bit of a blast from the past from Slovenia when I was on the bike.

A recumbent bicycle nut, Peter has been supporting Marija logistically for a while now on her cycle journey. I nicked one of his stickers and stuck it to my board…

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2 thoughts on “Day 664 – CHINA (XINJIANG): In Turpan

  • Aunty Les

    I suppose that it's very dry heat you're experiencing, but the direct sunlight will be hot,hot,hot. Is it possible to travel by moonlight? Perhaps you'll have to sleep for during the heat of the day and travel when it's cool, even if it's the middle of the night!