Day 651 – CHINA (XINJIANG): Some light reading…

Spent the day in an internet cafe getting up to date.

Some reading for you for the next few days as I head out tomorrow into the unknown:

Distance longboarding psyche: Adam Colton explains it much better than I ever could

The adventurer psyche: Forwarded to me by Marija Kozin:

The Explorer-Adventurers

We have an insatiable thirst to experience the world firsthand.

We derive intense satisfaction in challenging difficult, insecure and uncomfortable environments.

We take the time to observe and absorb, because we are not racing. We are not competing with anyone but ourselves.

Our encounters with vastly different environments, lifestyles, and beliefs profoundly expand our interest and awareness of the world.

Witnessing meager standards of living forever changes our perception of the western preoccupation with striving for material wealth.

When we return home, we feel delighted at regaining the little pleasures that have been denied to us in faraway lands.

We have frequent flashbacks of our expeditions and take pleasure in telling others our experiences.

We become tolerant of petty annoyances or discomforts and becom patient in our projects.

But the ceasing of discovery and strong sensations precipitate in us a long emotional slump.

Sensations we once held to be exciting become less so.

Is it worth it? Like they say, “It’s better to have loved (traveled) and lost (come home) than never to have loved at all.”

Once we have eaten from the tree of knowledge, we cannot go back to ignorance.

While on expeditions, our attention is intensely focused and nothing else matters, but back home it is difficult to concentrate on what we are doing.

Our successes strongly reinforce our self-esteem. We can do anything, but we find we don’t really want to do anything but explore.

We dream of more adventures, and when preoccupation turns to obsession, we are bound to realize them.

We are fascinated with the stories of other explorers and we plan our expeditions to avoid their misfortunes.

Are we escaping from something or have we been unfortunate with normal life? The true weight of these factors lies hidden from us.

What do we search for? We don’t really know, until we find it.

Ultimately, we explore to find ourselves.

Our passion for adventure continues…

from Chris Goulet on


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10 thoughts on “Day 651 – CHINA (XINJIANG): Some light reading…

  • mahmoud

    good posts boy. following you on google earth. you are in some amazing country. so many small fields. and rocky mountains. yay. love the photo with the yurt. stink about the sickness and the money. legend.

  • Rene

    Whenever someone posts more than one blog item at a time, I rarely read all of them. But your adventure in China is just fascinating, I couldn't stop reading. I read every word, and loved it.

    You definitely seem much more upbeat and lighter on your feet than you did in the U.S. That trailer skateboard thing rocks!

    Keep up the great work, and watch out for the creeps. Glad it all worked out.

  • David V

    Good to see you're fighting the good fight! Do you think that would have worked out the same 1.5 years back? Just from reading the blogs I can tell you are a changed man. Like a modern day Indy Jones! (You need a signature hat though. Or a bullwhip.)

  • Genah

    Wow. Always a pleasure to read your updates. So glad you went after the guy and it all had a happy ending. All the best to you on this amazing adventure, and thank you for taking the time to post and weave your tales for us. Gambate!

  • Mum

    When you think about all the people you have met and stayed with it's amazing that only 3 have turned out to be criminal minded!(Your first camera stolen, your second stolen and recovered and now your money) It just goes to prove that there's no point in being suspicious of everyone as most people are honestly friendly and helpful.

  • Aunty Les

    Interesting poem. It's certainly one way of looking at adventure. I find living in my own culture quite an adventure, especially when trying not to get caught up in the negative side of it. I must admit that having spent some years outside my own culture has helped. I think that if someone could do all the poem talks of yet do it at home, that would be really something!

  • Chris J

    Hi Rob,

    Just finished reading the latest update and you have done it again! You went to the opposite side of China and will now skate back toward Shanghai. Naru hodo…

    Unpredictable as ever.

    I don't think I ever figured out what you did to solve your visa situation, but this is maybe a good way to work around it.

    It is also nice that when you are not breaking world records and skateboarding through lands less travelled that you still find the time to fight crime, even while sick. Someday they will have to get the word "legendary" worked into your bio. There really isn't any way to get around it at this point.

    I will be state side for about a month, until mid-June. Then we are trying to arrange a little reunion in Beppu on the last weekend of June. Not sure where you will be at that point, but you are of course invited. It wouldn't be the same without you.

    Here is wishing you smooth downhills, tailwinds, and the utter absence of petty criminals. Skate on!

  • Dilmurat

    Hi Rob! I`m Dilmurat,canyou recognize me?how about your journey? When you come to Urumqi,Don`t forget to call me…I do hope that safety and happiness accompany with you!!!

  • Dilmurat

    Hi Rob! I`m Dilmurat,can you recognize me?how about your journey? When you come to Urumqi,Don`t forget to call me…I do hope that safety and happiness accompany with you!!!