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15 thoughts on “Day 641 – CHINA: Video niceness

  • Chris J

    Hi Rob,

    Welcome back to Asia! You are now little more than a stone's throw away from Nagoya, nice to know!

    I was waiting for the updates as I had seen the China pictures last week.

    Shaghai is an amazing new and cool looking city, but you may appreciate the cleaner air to be found in the country-side.

    The whole trailer set-up seems to be working well and without a hitch! (Ha, ha, get it?!)

    Here is hoping the trip continues to roll on smoothly!

  • Raphael

    it's been a long time.

    nearly two years, thinking that you've basically been skateboarding the whole time it is crazy.

    don't know if you remember me. I am from your last super camp 🙂

    I am really surprised that this trailer goes so smooth. it looks like you're floating on the ground.

    hop you have fun in china 🙂

  • Al

    Excellent video. Looking forward to China.

    BTW – Your calves look like Popeye's arms.

    All the best,


    (How are you doing the time lapse video?)

  • Mike C

    Hey Rob. You're like the Captain Cook of long distance skateboarding. Dude you're a pioneer. I'm guessing the next thing that's on your mind is some sort of brake? I'll have a bit of a ponder about that as well. 🙂

  • Chrissy

    The little orange flag on the back of your trailer makes me smile, super classy!

    Hope you're enjoying this next part of your adventure, don't miss the sates too much!

    Come back to the East Coast next time.

    Heading back to Switz in 3 weeks, you will be missed cery much. I will tell my campers about this crazy-weka-man who biked & skateboarded across the world!

    You're a legend.

    Keep on living the dream.



  • rene bruce

    Hey from Longskat.com, I luv your new set up, I just wish I had seen it prior to you leaving for China, I was the largest maker of Razor accessories for many years and have some great 100-110mm alloy hub super high rebound wheels that we still have stock of and sell daily, if you can get some to put a box of stuff to ship to you, have them email there address and I will send them a couple sets of wheels for you to roll, will gain at least 20% with the better rebound !! Keep up the great journey !

    Rene ( kicscooters.com and longskate.com )

  • mahmoud

    i'm bored… come back rob. back to the magical interweb. entertain me with your journey reports.. I bought this months national geographic which is all about China, and has a map, so now I can follow your progress. fun.

  • Karen

    Hey Rob! Love keeping up with you thru your e-mail. But wait? Where is Rob? Last post was 10 days ago! Hope you are okay.

    Karen in NJ – USA