Day 62 – From the foot of Kaldama Ashuu Pass to just before Jalalabat

Distance / 距離: 102.59km
Time / 時間: 6h 53m
Average speed / 平均速度: 14.9km/h
Distance to date / 今日までの積算距離: 2794.7km

Once again amazed at the strength of this bicycle. Absolutely bombing it down the pass at between 30 to 40 km/h, hitting some fairly chunky rocks, and not a scratch…the suspension really comes into play in these situations. There have been many times on the trip so far that I am certain I would have bent a rim or broken a spoke if it had not been for the suspension. Also, even though the bike has abou 35kg of gear strapped to it, you’d never know it. It is extremely nimble, and the disc brakes are a real bonus too – you stop when you want to stop.

What is that creature? Kaldama Pass, Kyrgyzstan / なにものだ?!(カルダマ峠、キルギス)

As for surroundings, I feel as though I have dropped into another country all together. Lush valleys with apple trees, walnut trees, and then wide valleys with sunflower plantations.

Shed under tree in valley after Kaldama Pass, Kyrgyzstan / 木の下の小谷(カルダマ峠のあと、キルギス)

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