Day 613 – USA (ARIZONA and CALIFORNIA): From Quartzsite to somewhere near Glamis

Darn it. Misplaced my mileage info for today…

Anyway, it was a bit of a lously start to the day. I had to get a ride for 15 miles from Quartzsite to Ehrenberg, on the Arizona side of the Colorado River; the border of California/Arizona. Gutted.

In Blythe in California, I visited the California Highway Patrol HQ to ask about frontage roads along the I-10 freeway between Blythe and Banning. “None” was the reply.

Righto then. A 250 mile detour it is. 250 miles in 5 days. I called Rosie, the organiser of the Lowe Syndrome Fundraiser in Hemet, to let her know that she may need to pick me up. I might not make it on time, I told her.

So…welcome to California. I was stoked.

Californian scenery near Colorado River, California

It appears that this was the only photo I took today. Brutally hot during the afternoon, it was tough going on the steep ups and downs along HWY78. Got about 3 miles past the Border Patrol Checkpoint and set up camp in a dry wash. Dumb idea to camp in a dry wash, but I was shattered. Just wanted to sleep.

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