Day 587 and 588 – USA (TEXAS): Resting in Alpine

No skating. Just resting. Like, sit and watch TV all day rest. And then upload photos. And then get stressed out because my website hosting account is suspended. Sorry for that. Just another thing to juggle as I try to skate across this jolly big state, let alone the US.

Rose's house in Alpine, Texas, USA

Rose’s place is just out of town. Nice wee place.

On Day 588 had a look around town. Courthouse with big gun.

Howitzer cannon outside Alpine courthouse, Alpine, Texas, USA

Alpine Courthouse, Alpine, Texas, USA

In the evening Rose and I headed out to check out the famed ‘Marfa Lights‘. Great stuff. Mysterious lights that could be, but probably are not, car lights. Really quite random and mysterious.

THe famous Marfa Lights in Marfa, Texas, USA

They had me stumped.

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5 thoughts on “Day 587 and 588 – USA (TEXAS): Resting in Alpine

  • Rich & Lauren

    First, we're glad to have you back up and posting. Got worried that we had not heard from you for a while. Too bad about that spill. It is so cool that you were able to see the Marfa lights. Several years ago, we had vacationed out there and Marfa was one of the reasons. Still have not been able to figure it out. Be safe, enjoy the rest of Texas. (damn big state!)

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Nope. But Rose, the local who I was with, said that sometimes they jump up and down and swirl around – very unlikely to be car lights.

  • Aunty Les

    Those Marfa Lights are intreguing. I read a book recently (fiction) about strange lights in a town cemetery. it turned out they were from train lights reflected by misty conditions. A bit difficult to suss out the Marfa Lights because of private property and unfriendly terrain.

  • Llisa Jones

    Aidan is going to be so envious that you actually saw the Marfa Lights…he's with his Dad for the weekend. I can't wait to tell him.