Day 552 – USA (LOUISIANA): Fun in Springfield

As I am sitting here, I am trying to figure out why I didn’t continue skating today. There was some talk of me helping my host Todd with a website for his building business…in the end that never happened, and I ended up being spoiled with far too much food and great times blasting around in the woods on a 4×4.

The day began with breakfast at Navarre Bakery. They make the most delicious King Cakes on the planet (granted, I’ve only tasted one other).

Navarre's Famous King Cakes in Springfield, Louisiana, USA

Navarre's Famous King Cakes in Springfield, Louisiana, USA

IMG_6004Navarre's Famous King Cakes in Springfield, Louisiana, USA Navarre's Famous King Cakes in Springfield, Louisiana, USA

The cakes are about 10% bread and 90% filling (cream cheese and strawberry jam). Such good badness, such bad goodness. The individually wrapped fillings are twisted together and shaped into a big donut shape. Topped with delicious frosting and coloured sugar, the resulting product is amazingly decedent.

After breakfast Todd and I did some sightseeing around the town, including Tin Lizzy’s Landing, a famous restaurant and bar that featured in a Hollywood movie, Roadhouse II. In the film, the bar was called the Black Pelican.

Tin Lizzy's Landing in Springfield, Louisiana, USA

Pirate in Tin Lizzy's in Springfield, Louisiana, USA Tin Lizzy's owner Scott in Springfield, Louisiana, USA

The whole Springfield area is surrounded in swamps. Despite their dirty image, the swamps are wonderfully peaceful and beautiful.

Swamp land in Springfield, Louisiana, USA

Swamp in Springfield, Louisiana, USA Swamp in Springfield, Louisiana, USA

That was of course until we got the 4×4 out and blatted around the forest on narrow trails, checking on motion triggered cameras that Todd has set up.

Checking hunting sites in Springfield, Louisiana, USA

Todd and his brother are very into their hunting. They have permission from a local land owner to hunt on a large tract of land, and do so at every opportunity. The cameras are set up pointing towards a pile of corn dumped on the ground to keep the deer in the vicinity. Lulling the deer into their sights, so to speak.

The land is accessible only by foot or 4×4. At times we were driving through thigh-deep water through the swamps.

4x4ing in Springfield, Louisiana, USA

Checking hunting sites in Springfield, Louisiana, USA 4x4ing in Springfield, Louisiana, USA

Evening saw a family gathering at Charlies’s restaurant, where everything is in gigantic portions. Even the onion rings were colossal. So big they needed their own plate!

Onion rings so big they need their own plate (at Charlies restaurant in Springfield, Louisiana, USA)

Today was an altogether unexpected day off. Great fun, and I hope I can come and visit again!

With the Martins in Springfield, Louisiana, USA

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6 thoughts on “Day 552 – USA (LOUISIANA): Fun in Springfield

  • Dad


    The onions over there must be huge! Good job there is no one else sleeping in the tent.

    Your photos are great. At the mine site I can only get the text so it is good to catch up when I am back home on R&R.

  • Charlie

    Hey Rob. You have a real ability to soak up

    the here and now. I am proud to know you.

    Good talking with you on the phone yesterday.

    I am informing my San Diego crowd about your

    trip. We may be planning an event for the time around your tentative arrival date.

    There will be surfing for me and food and fun for everyone. You might let some family

    know that it would be a good place for all to meet up.

  • Aunty Jenny

    Hey Rob

    At the rate you are skating thru the US due to all the lovely people you are meeting, you are going to be well over the 90 day limit. How do you plan to get around that?

  • Cynthia

    Hey Rob,

    It was great meeting you at the Martin's in Springfield, LA. With there would have been more time, so many questions I could have asked you about your travels, etc. I wish you the best of luck on your journey and will keep track of your travels. Take care and be safe, it's a jungle out there!

  • Murdo

    Hey buddy,

    Has been a while since I checked in with you. Good to see you are continuing to meet nice people and visit nice places. Edinburgh is still chilly but looking forward to the Spring ahead. We are expecting a new addition to our family in June!

    Ganbatte na