Day 545 – USA (MISSISSIPPI): Holed up in the tent

I awoke today to rain and wind. I didn’t even bother to look outside. I slept in till 11am.

By 1pm it was still raining, and I had completely given up any idea of skating today. The rough shoulder of US90 was not exactly beckoning to me.

Lazy day in the rain near Gautier, Mississippi, USA

So in the end I spent the whole day napping. The only serious work I did was do another international radio interview – this time with a radio station in Brisbane, Australia. I was getting low on power on my cell phone, so I was hoping it wouldn’t run out duing the interview!

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One thought on “Day 545 – USA (MISSISSIPPI): Holed up in the tent

  • Charlie


    Hey. You have a data cable. I hope it's the right one.

    We had some epic surf today. It was overhead and perfection. I feel so good from all the ripping. I'll send you one or two photos that I took today.

    I can imagine the lonliness. I remember being in my little hut in the Phillipines and missing the fun of just goofing around with friends. It was rainy season and the mud

    and water surrounded me. I just sat and wrote letters to people back home and drank

    rum and slept.

    It's better to be moving.

    Roll on the Rolls.