Day 540 – USA (FLORIDA): Pensacola

No skating today, but did get the opportunity to speak to 160 middle school kids at Ferry Pass Middle School in Pensacola.

Channel 3 News Clip

I showed my Powerpoint Presentation of my trip so far. It was well received, and I got some great questions at the end. By far my answer to the ‘do you bathe?’ question got the biggest reaction.

“Well, the longest I went without having a shower was 21 days…” I replied, explaining that in some countries (such as Tajikistan, where those 21 days happened), just turning on a tap and having running water sometimes isn’t an option.

Afterwards, I spent most of the day updating the website, which was at least five days out of date.


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One thought on “Day 540 – USA (FLORIDA): Pensacola

  • adelyn

    hey rob,

    thts so gross that you went 21 days w/o a shower. all of us at ferry pass really appreciate that you came to our school.

    tisk tisk (just kidding),