Day 515 – USA (Florida): Chilling in Sebring

No skateboarding today. Had an interview with a local newspaper. Made the landing page for a bit easier to navigate. Previously, the fancy Flash animation posed issues for some visitors to the site. I hope that the changes makes it a little easier.

Check it out here:

Abuse and constructive criticism appreciated.

Must sleep now.

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19 thoughts on “Day 515 – USA (Florida): Chilling in Sebring

  • Cousin Tim

    Looks a bit plain/generic in my opinion. I think that how you've done the top of the rest of the site pages is good and personally I would've copied that style – simple yet stylish.

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Cousin Tim, I agree…if only I had my own computer with me to tinker properly. I think I'll just go with this one for a while until I can fix it up nice and pretty.

  • Thu-Thao

    Your adventure is so addictive! The website seems fine before (once you figure out what to click on). I look forward to reading the updates!

  • Carl

    By jingo, the new page freaked me out, it did need a change but there was simple style in the design.

    Would say it's work in progress bit like your trip.

    what problem did the falsh front cause I'm guessing search engines found it hard to find?

    I like the comparative shot what about photoshoping em together? one side snow other side sunshine?

    just a suggestion I need a beer all the Best

    Lo-IQ sends his regards from darkest surrey.

  • Kyle Teal


    Glad to see you're still going strong, and that you made it out of Hialeah alive!

    I like the comment about no one speaking English. Trust me, you raised some valid questions.

    I've told most my friends about your adventure and if you happen to make your way up to Oviedo (very small town) my folks would love to give you a hot meal and a place to stay. 407-366-6934 (the Teals).

    got a cell phone yet?


  • rob dubay

    wanted to tell you i had a great time meeting you the past couple of days, the bacon wraped bananas and asparagus where a pleasent surprise. i hope the journey continues to be good to you . and i will folow your progress often. you've been an inspiration. keep in touch if possible….

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Lo-IQ, the problem with the original front page was that on some browsers the flash animation had to be clicked once to activate it, and then once again to enter the site. People who are not quite as web savvy as others seemed to have some issues with getting past the top page. I agree about the simplicity thing. I preferred the uncluttered niceness of the original one, but hey. Such is life. Enjoy the sunny weather there in Surrey.

  • Mum

    By the way I agree with Tim. The page is a bit stark but I guess when you on the journey you don't have the same time to get it looking like you want.

  • Lo-IQ

    well that is a problem alright but i'm sure a clever chap like yerself will apply himself the that little problem in due course.

    I've sent a few more readers your way all have come back with how impressed they are. Which is all good they've all read your Asian travels seems 2008 is a year for most people I nkow to venture into all the stans.

    As for the weather in surrey I was out today it's very cold about 3 degrees but at 90-100mph it's proper cold probably closer to -15 degrees!

    One day I have to buy a new full face crash helmet this happy shopper openfaced number is more suited to Sunny Spain… DOH!

  • Rach Callander

    hey Rob… is your cell phone able to take calls from all oevr the world… like even from Dunedin??

    is this a dumb question and can all cell phones do that anyway?… I am still amazed at what technology is doing for me….

    love rach

  • Bubbles (eric)

    I havent been seeing too many jumping pictures…your slacking buddy…come on.

    have fun in the USA…ill be back in Switzerland when you are probably rolling back through my area. but still email or facebook me when your close to ohio and ill help you as much as possible with contacts

  • Chris J

    Hi Rob,

    The new title page kind of threw me for a loop, but I am all caught up on your travels over the past week.

    Once again, I am just amazed and pleased that you are meeting so many helpful people along the way. As always, I will just add my voice to the many cheering you on and hoping that your trip continues so smoothly in 2008.

  • Nana

    Hi Rob

    Great newspaper article. I continue to say you should write a book. Michael Palin has just done another trip round Eastern Europe, written a book about it and done a TV programme. I saw some of it on TV the other night. Not nearly as interesting as your stuff. You could make a fortune selling your story to TV. I continue to pray that you will have safe travel and meet lots of great people on the way. It will be interesting to hear what you do for Christmas.