Day 508 – USA (Florida): Recovering in Key Largo

Today’s distance / 今日の走行距離:  0 miles
Average speed / 平均速度: 0 mph
Time on skateboard / 走行時間: 0h 00m
Total skateboarding distance to date / 今までスケボで走った距離: 788 miles (plus 266 miles)
Ascent / 上り: negligible
Descent / 下り: negligible

Resting today at the Flannery’s place. Wonderful family who have taken me in and are letting me stay a couple of nights. Which is just what I needed. After only three days of skating, my body has taken a toll. Swollen knees, bloated legs, blisters forming…

So I really hope that these problems will clear up after a day off. Taking it really easy today updating the website. Watched Sicko by Micheal Moore in the evening. Great film about the state of US public medical care…or the lack of it.

Mrs Mac's Restaurant in Key Largo, Florida, USA

Thank you so much to Jack, Amy, Megan, and Erin for a very restful day and great food!

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One thought on “Day 508 – USA (Florida): Recovering in Key Largo

  • Aunty Les

    That plaster I wrote about is made by Leuko brand, BDF L/S strap T flesh coloured. Much better to prevent blisters than try to fix them once they've occurred.