Day 45 – Bishkek (English Summary)

English Summary: A bout of diahorrea half way through the night made for a rather uncomfortable bus ride to Bishkek. However this was made up for by the fact that I managed to get my Tajikistan visa in one day (for a fee of US$100). Decided to head for the high passes in Tajikistan sooner rather than later, so will be getting my Uzbek visa in Dushanbe (Tajikistan).




宿泊(Sabrybek’s B&B)はすぐ見つけましたが、タジキスタン大使館はもうちょっと難しかった。まず、僕がインターネットで調べた場所が間違っていました。そしてほかの人が持っていたガイドブックに乗っていた場所も間違っていました。結局親切なお店の人が電話で調べてくれて、ロシア語で場所を書いてくれました。これをタクシーの運転手に見せたらすぐにたどり着きました。そして大使館にUS$100を払ったら同じ日にビザを発行してくれました。



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7 thoughts on “Day 45 – Bishkek (English Summary)

  • Aunty Jenny

    I hope it wasn't like in some parts of Tibet, where, if you want to go, the bus stops where-ever thay happen to be, and everyone does it by the side of the bus!

  • carl w.

    tinkture of iodine in the water should help kill whatever is trying to make your insides it's new home. Tastes like swimming pool water and there is a risk of birthdefects if your pregnant (don't think that applies to you)

    Anyway get someone to post some out to you before you turn yourself inside out. Glad to see your ticking along alright otherwise Ed G. is apparently in London somewhere his pages have all but stopped being updated so he must be almost home. We're enjoying the pictures and keep pedalling

    all the best from darkest surrey

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Carl, I have some iodine with me, but I've been using my big chunky filter for cleaning water. It's a bit heavy to carry around, but at least I'm not drinking pool water.

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Aunty Jenny and Mum, the bus had one stop during the 7 hour trip. It was a night bus though, so usually people are asleep rather than battling with their bowels.

  • carl w.

    it's also good to iodine the bottles you use once in a while as stuff starts to live in them! Nice!! I was starting to like the whole pooly watery taste after a while which most people thought odd.

    Those filter things are good but you can't beat the taste of old stale pool water. best regards.


  • Satoshi


    I don't know if it's the same – chemically – as "porta aqua" iodine pills or liquid you may be carrying with you but I use baby milk bottle cleaning pills for cleaning my cycling bidons and the camelbak. Yes they do smell like swimming pool but keep your bottles, drinking tubes and bite head sterile without using boiling water 😉 a small amount of this shouldn't kill you as you are not supposed to rinse off with tap water after using them but just to drip/air dry then fill with whatever you feed the baby with.