Day 35 – Updates in Yining

So here I am in the net cafe in Yining updating like crazy. Hope you enjoy the action.

From here I head towards Kazakhstan. I expect to be in Kazakhstan tomorrow. Lots of apprehension as I head into the real unknown. At least up till now I have been able to fudge my way using Chinese characters scribbled down on a note pad…

My next update will probably be from Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. I will be there a few days to get my Tajikistan visa. I expect that will be in no more than two weeks.

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18 thoughts on “Day 35 – Updates in Yining

  • Mum

    A bit gutting about the camera! Especially as you've lost the pics you took. How many people have you met who speak English? Or do you just get by with your little bit of Chinese?

  • Rachel Callander

    Go Rob

    You're doing so well.

    Despite some set backs and knocks. It is a very exciting adventure to be checking in on. I hope that you will be safe for the next part of your trip!

  • Chris J

    The updates and pictures are fanatastic as always. I can't believe you found an internet cafe and a store that sells digital cameras in far western China where all everyone seems to eat is noodles and watermelon. I guess they require a wider selction of electronics than they do food options…..

  • carl w.

    Nice pic's, shame about the camera but then all the people your going to meet. Will think your either rich or crazy or both to make a trip like that! So your a target for all of that sort of stuff. Remeber Asmund and all his theories from Ed's blog perhaps there was something in it!

    I heard there's a swiss guy cycling through loads of stans and is going to china on a 80 year old bike he's some place in Khazahakastan (sorry for the spelling but you know how it gets)

    Anyway keep pedaling and keep your head down.

    all the best from darkest surrey

  • Aunty Les

    Your photo slideshow is working properly for the first time so I've been able to see your comments that go with the photos. Had you downloaded everything before the camera went awol?

  • Mike C

    Your trip is awesome! I just sit here stuck to my computer screen with my mouth open as I read your reports and look at your photos. SOOOOOOOO JEALOUS!

  • Gurian Ch

    No Chernishovs left in Aratobe. My oldest sister lives in AlmaAta in Kazakhstan. Her name is Varia Chernoshov.

    Addres AlmaAta Region, Street Mambeeva, Building 38, Apartmen 52. Phone 007 3272 4253 74. I don't Know if she still lives there or not. I need to find out.

  • Doug Shaw

    Glad to see you are still chugging along. We met you at the minbak in Gyeongju on day 5 of your travels. Saddly, I just arrived back at work in Canada while my wife and son are visiting family in New Zealand. My son still thinks your bike was one of the coolest things he saw in Korea. Good Luck on the rest of your travels

  • Joeru

    More power to you, Rob. I like a guy who says "I am gonna do this." then goes and does it. " I am still stuck on the hill, but I had a nice vaca in Kagoshima. Looking forward to your Central Asia leg.


  • Joyce and Myron Lind

    Hi Rob,

    Someone sent us to your website when inquiring about a recumbent. It's great to see "our" bike and follow your trip. We'll check back now and then to see how it's going. Cheers!

  • Rich

    Sorry about your camera Rob… I had broke one of my lenses back in Leh, India but now's all fine. My girlfriend sent me a new one from the States;) For you it was even easier…

    Good luck in the stans. I definitely would prefer those over China where I'm heading next. At least, I can remember some Russian from my school days but Chinese is completely unknown to me, except maybe "Thank You";)

    I'm heading up the KKH tomorrow, just got my Chinese visa here Islamabad and it's time to hit some big mountains again. The hot and humid plains of Punjab are not for me…

    Good luck again, stay safe and have fun…

    Rich, the Vagabond on the Roof of the World

  • Anna

    Hey Rob,

    I have somehow managed to stumble across your blog and must say I am so impressed at what you have been up to since school! Am loving the photos. All the best for the rest of your trip.

    Anna McCartney (ex James Hargest High)

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Anna McCartney! Fancy meeting you here. Nothing particularly special has happened since school. Just chugging along grabbing opportunities when they arise. It's something anyone can do!

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Joyce and Myron Lind, thanks for the comment. "Your" bike is going fantastically! I love it to bits. A really solid bike that can handle a lot of bumps and knocks on these rough roads in central Asia.