Day 204 – TURKEY: Sahilkoy to Istanbul

Well, I’m 3 months late, but I have made it to Istanbul. The original plan was to meet my Japanese host parents here on the 14th of November last year. Ahem.The last push to Kavak town, where I caught a ferry to central Istanbul, was some of the better cycling I have had in Turkey. Plenty of hills once again, but much of it was up on the top of the hills that looked over the Bosphorous Straight.

View from ancient castle in Kavak Town, Bosphorous Straight, Turkey

Getting to Kavak Town required navigating some fairly small back roads up on the hills. Kavak town itself was not signposted, so I was asking locals often for the way.

Keep out sign in Anadolu Feneri, Bosphorous Straight, Turkey

I arrived just in time for the 3pm ferry to central Istanbul, and met some fellow travellers for the first time since T’Bilisi, the capital of Georgia.

There were no issues with putting the bike on the ferry for the 4 Lira, 1.5 hour trip down the Bosphorous Straight.

Bike motif on truck in Anadolu Feneri, Bosphorous Straight, Turkey

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