Day 159 – Khashuri Town to Atskuri Village

The day started off with a chilly -13 degrees celcius in the morning with a strong wind that made the cold feel like a sharp razor blade on any exposed skin. I accidentally broke a tent peg that had become brittle in the cold ground. The river next to which I was camped had frozen considerably since last night…

Chilly camping near Khashuri, Georgia

In contrast to the last few days where all my concentration wasa absorbed by the need to stay alive on the busy highway, today was a quiet and enjoyable ride, albiet on an icy road…

Chilly riding near Borjomi, Georgia

Soon after I had hit the road, one of the many white BC Pipeline Toyota Landcruisers stopped ahead of me, and out jumped an Aussie named Todd. He kindly gave me some water (all mine was frozen). I was quietly envious of the warm looking vehicle…

Another highlight of the day was the restored Green Monastery. Hidden away up a narrow valley, it was silently nestled in a snow covered forest.

Green Monastery near Borjomi, Georgia

Green Monastery near Borjomi, Georgia

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4 thoughts on “Day 159 – Khashuri Town to Atskuri Village

  • Joe Palolo

    I've been following your journey from my home in Honolulu. Although I'm from Wisconsin I'm not sure I could handle that cold anymore. What you are doing is amazing!

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Joe, I am very rarely cold. So long as you keep the fire stoked (intake of plenty of carbs and a good dolop of fatty sour cream goodness every now and then), your body keeps plenty warm enough. In fact, the biggest challenge in this cold weather is making sure you don't get too hot when you're cycling. A sweaty base layer of clothing makes for a dangerous chill when you stop or scream downhill. Still, I wouldn't mind getting a waft of warm Honolulu air every now and then…maybe you could put some in a jar and send it to me? Then I could open it up and be all warm…

  • Gaga Mumladze

    hello, I am very happy that I found same person like you are, I am from village Atskuri, and I am happy that you was in Atskuri, but here are not any foto of my village, I am tour guide of Borjomi-Kharagauli national park, where Green Monastery is situated. Good Luck Great traveller!!!