Day 158 – Rusi Village to just past Khashuri Town (English Summary)

English Summary: One way or another I will get off this M1 highway. Almost hit by two large trucks, I pushed my bike for two hours along the side of the road, watching in awe at the insane overtaking manouvers of cars and trucks. Decide to take smaller quieter road, the M8, and am happy to be on a quieter road. I get varying reports on the pass to Batuumi. Some people say there is 3m of snow, some say it is open and no problem.そのM1国道にはもう走れませんでした。2回も大型トラックに引かれそうになって、自転車から降りて道の横に2時間近く押して進みました。

I had to walk for 2 hours along the M1 highway - suicidal to ride in Georgia


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