Day 156 – T’Bilisi to M1 highway 50km mark (English Summary)

English Summary: the first 20km or so of Georgia’s M1 main highway were great. Smooth, new highway. The rest of the day was in first gear slogging my way through soft gravel on the side of the road – too dangerous to be on the road itself – so much traffic.グルジアの一番主な国道に走っています。最悪です。


Camping off the busy M1 highway in Georgia


A spot of tent syndrome in Georgia

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2 thoughts on “Day 156 – T’Bilisi to M1 highway 50km mark (English Summary)

  • carl w.

    looks like your staring into the distance waiting for someone to throw you a bacon sandwich with brown sauce and ketchup, which reminds me I had one of those just now…. MMMMmmmmm rather good… filled the kettle today won’t bother switching it on just yet… all the best good to see your ticking along. Beginning of February I’m in Holland, Berlin and Poland should be back around 6th Feb I’m guessing you’ll be stuck in the hills some place. all the best C.

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Carl, stop reminding me of that wonderful substance that is pig meat. There is a distinct lack of it in this part of the world.