Day 151 – Into T’Bilisi, capital of Georgia

Last night’s campsite was a good one. Overlooking T’Bilisi’s satellite city, Rust’Avi. A shepherd tending his flock of 400 (?!) sheep and goats wandered over and had a chat. Luckily he spoke Russian. I am finding that less and less people speak Russian here in Georgia. Especially the younger folk but also some of the older generation also.

Campsite overlooking Rust'Avi City, Georgia / ルスタアヴィ市の近く(グルジア)

On the way into T’Bilisi I met this cyclist going the other way. Passionate cylists are great. He is wearing a tank helmet and a visor.

Cyclist extroadinare, Rust'Avi, Georgia / 友達!(グルジア、ティビリシ市)

Got my first dog bite today. Well, my panniers did. That’s a hole in the rear right pannier. I suppose it’s better than a hole in my leg.

A dog put this hole in my panniers. Grrrr. T'Bilisi, Georgia / かばんが犬にかまれた(グルジア、ティビリシ市)

It did get me a little riled however, since the dog belonged to the petrol station that I was cycling past, and the attendants didn’t even bat an eyelid. The dog was jolly ferocious, and they did nothing. Maybe they get off on seeing their dog attack cyclists…

Well I guess that makes me a law breaker then - T'Bilisi, Georgia / だったら、僕は進めないんだよ~(グルジア、ティビリシ市)

What's the difference between 'normal' and 'regular' anyway? T'Bilisi, Georgia / RegularとNormalの違いは何よ~(グルジア、ティビリシ市)

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5 thoughts on “Day 151 – Into T’Bilisi, capital of Georgia

  • Shirly Bond

    Hi Rob

    W hav had a ood Christmas day. But a virus is on th computr and w hav 3 lttrs missin. Will hav to hav it lookd at. II

    for Xmas dinnr. Rich, Lann, Mark lin, mily- Jan, Tim, Hannah, Ls, Kath, Ds and yours truly.If you can mak that out.Mum and Dad in a caravan by th back door. Hav kpt all your information about your trip. Stuff for a book I think.

  • Aunty Jenny

    How far was the cyclist you passed on the road going? He was travelling very light as far as baggage and provisions are concerned. Do you get sick of seeing all that endless land with hardly a tree in sight?

  • Dave Calvin

    Hey Rob,

    Sorry we missed connecting with you while you were in Georgia. Heard that Todd an Aussie chatted with you a bit on your way to the Turkish boarder. What a road eh? Hoping you safe travels and warmer temps on your passage through Turkey. All the best for a super 2007. Happy New Year from us and the Baku Bicycling Club –

    Cheers – Dave and Constance

  • Rob Thomson Post author


    Mum, I was wondering that as I took the photo…

    Nana, thanks for the comment and big thanks for keeping the info on my trip! I hope you get that virus sorted out! Not long now and I'll be back in Kiwi land (well, in about 6 months time) – looking forward to it.

    Aunty Jenny, he was going to work. The trees in Turkey are a welcome change!

    Dave and Constance, it is a real pity that we couldn't catch up in T'Bilisi. I lost my address book out of an unzipped pocket two days before getting into T'Bilisi, meaning that your number was lost! I ended up sharing a small hostel with a bunch of Peace Core Volunteers for a couple of days. As for warmer temperatures, I won't be getting those for a while yet!