Day 138 – In Baku

Day spent washing clothes (first time in a month), washing myself (first time in two weeks), and updating the website.

Typical internet cafe scene in Azerbaijan (Baku, Azerbaijan) / インターネットカフェの様子(アゼルバイジャン、バクー)

I do apologise for the HTML Protector thingee that invited itself into my website code. I did not put it there myself…I need to get around to updating the version of WordPress that I am using. At present I am using an older version that is not very stable, it seems.

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8 thoughts on “Day 138 – In Baku

  • Aunty Jenny

    So Rob, what delectibles is your mouth being introduced to? I see the beard isn't getting any smaller! Hopefully, with the better food you won't have the horrible trots any more. That toilet on the train would be enough to get you better very fast!!

  • Hamada

    Rob, I can sympathise!

    I've just emerged from my hotel bed after a crazy 20 hour fever. Thank god I wasnt in my tent up a mountain when it hit.

    All your visa woes are finished now, you've just gotta cycle 6500km at sub zero temperatures. McFUN

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Hamada, your blunt telling of reality if refreshing 🙂 Glad to know that I'm not the only one getting down on the fever fever! Keep well!

  • carl w.

    Mr. Blurry face is a man with past for sure he hidden his features on purpose! I bet he's a bank robber, benifit crook, 419 scammer, people smuggler, identity thief, triad, illegal arms dealer, Ebay con artist, Silent telephonecall maker… Or any combination of the above so generally just a bad lot!



  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Carl, I've been thinking of you as I cycle. Evey now and then I think to myself "so what exactly happened so that Carl required stitches". Did you enlighten us with the full story? Or did I miss something…