Day 127 – From Samarkand to 50km towards Kattakorgon

I spent most of the morning today searching, with the help of Kolima’s brother, for a stainless steel thermos. We searched in two bazaars, and along the streets of the center of town in Samarkand. However all we could find were cheap Chinese glass-lined thermi (?) that would last only a few hours clattering around on a bicycle. I resigned to the fact that I would not have warm tea on the bike for a while…maybe I can find one in Baku…

Leaving the Rakhimova’s place in Samarkand was tough. Out of a warm house into the chilly environment. It was about 3 degrees when I left. It only got to 5 degrees in the afternoon, and then quickly dropped below zero towards 5pm.

I was expecting dead flat roads today, however the land here is undulating hills. I tend to overheat on the uphills, and then freeze on the down hills. Problem is that the climbs and descents are too short to take the time to put on more clothes or remove clothes.

My accommodation for the night was an old steel back-of-a-truck that is obviously used by farmers during the summer. The main crops around here are cotton and other cash crops such as water melon. I guess farmers sleep out in their fields in summer to discourage people from pinching stuff…

Chilly accomodation 40km from Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Chilly accomodation 40km from Samarkand, Uzbekistan

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