Day 112 – UZBEKISTAN: Samarkand

Just spending most of the day playing here in the internet cafe. Check out some video footage of the Anzob Tunnel in Tajikistan below:

(This will take you to my page)

Also uploaded recently was footage of a cool water powered flour mill I saw while in Langar in the Wakhan Valley (video below) in Tajikistan. Glad I took this footage, because that week or so spent in the Wakhan Valley is a bit of a blur (sick, weak, tired).

And one last thing – a photo taken by a Brazillian travel reporter while travelling along the Pamir Highway near Alichur. I’ve seen that guy somewhere before…

Guy on a recumbent in the Pamirs, Tajikistan

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10 thoughts on “Day 112 – UZBEKISTAN: Samarkand

  • Al

    That mill is identical to one that I saw in Morocco. Tried and true.

    I enjoyed the trip much. I have some friends that live in Kazak and Uzbek and they say it is a crazy place. Now I am sure they are right. Crazy but very beautiful.

  • Aunty Jenny

    Yep, EmJay still thinks you look like a terrorist! Just as well none of the local police think the same! I still can't get over how barren the land is, even along side the rivers. I'm pleased that you are feeling more relaxed now and enjoying the whole journey a lot more. After the very un populated riding you have been doing, I wonder how you will feel when you get into the likes of Germany, with all its industrialisation and population. Culture shock material.

  • David

    Hey Rob, jealous as always! Muroya san at the office has come to me asking to tell you that our tech guys at APU are saying accesses to your homepage are causing virus warnings to go off. I view through Firefox so it could be an IE related issue, but perhaps you might wanna go through your server stuff and check for any more virus infections? Then again it could just be Muroya san being her usual self so don't worry, everything looks fine from my PC…

  • Achim

    Hey Rob, David is right. My virus scanner Avira Antivir indicates the Virus "Java/Exploit.By.A.1". The problem seems to be linked to the "flickr"-java applet, because my Antivir scanner becomes quite busy when opens for the applet. I don't know if that was any help, but i've seen some comments by other blogs which were target of infections via java applet. Best is to get a free virus scanner…

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Thanks guys for the heads up about the virus issue. After you mentioned it, I noticed that I had left the top index page (the one you go to when you access writeable, and there was some dodgy code there. However, that doesn't explain Achmed's obervation of the flickr applet. Will look into it in more detail today.

  • Joeru


    Glad to see you are on the road again. Loving the pix. BTW, I owe you a DVD of the NHK national TV gig in which you appear. Got a NZ address I can forward a copy to?


  • Lee

    Hey, yeah, culture shock. There's a point. That could knock you out a bit…

    Don't think you're weird if when you get to Germany or wherever, you end up afraid of or flustered by tall buildings or traffic or straight lines or speed or flat/shiny surfaces (or various other things that could do it for you)

    Or if you're weird, you're not alone. It's a totally expected and normal thing. But still not much fun (unless of course you document it all and take some strange pleasure in doing that… in fact, that's probably exactly what you'll do, given the contents of the blog to date… "hey, guys, I just spewed the hardest ever in my life; here's a detailed account of how it felt:") You'll love it 🙂