Day 105 – Leaving Dushanbe

Right’o then. Off I go. In the direction of Penjikent, the last major town in Tajikistan before the Uzbekistan border. My Uzbek visa starts on the 10th of November, so I’ve got heaps of time to get myself over the 3300m Anzob pass (Dushanbe – my present location – is at 900m) and across the 260km to Penjikent.

I hope that there is internet access in Penjikent, but you never know in Tajikistan…therefore, my next update could either be from Penjikent (3-4 days time), or from Samarkand – famous Silk Road city – in Uzbekistan, which would be 8-10 days from today.

Take care, and why not bike to work today?

Random Dushanbe pics:

Sunset over Dushanbe, Tajikistan / ドウシャンベ市の夕焼け(タジキスタン)

A random deserted square/monument/gathering place in the hills of Dushanbe, Tajikistan / ドウシャンベ市の近くにある広場(タジキスタン)

The road in some hills skirting Dushanbe, Tajikistan / ドウシャンベ市の周りの道路(タジキスタン)

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10 thoughts on “Day 105 – Leaving Dushanbe

  • achim

    Hi Rob, great photos and funny stories. I bet there is internet in penjikent, it seemed so when i googled it. To know people in uzbekistan, there is this thing called "" where you can contact people at anykind of places in the world. Good luck for the anzob pass.


  • Aunty Les

    I hope you feel rested and back to full health and strength for the next leg of your journey. I was looking at an atlas the other day and wondered if your route passed through Samarkand. My only piece of advice for this next bit of bibking is to keep your digital camera attached to your person at all times!

  • Rob Thomson Post author

    Achim, my thanks is much belated. I received an email from Schwalbe recently, with an offer to help out with my trip. Apparently you emailed them? Thank you for letting them know about my trip. I'll be swinging by their headquaters in Germany for a new set of tyres, thanks to you!