Day 105 – From Dushanbe to 40km towards Anzob Tunnel

Distance / 40km
Time / 13:30 – 17:00
Ascent / 595m
Descent 165m
Distance to date /  3840kmArgh. My speedometer (bike computer) won’t read speed! The cadence ensor works fine, but the speed sensor is kaput!

I tried many things, including swapping the sensors over, removing all the wire except the bare minimum in order to attach the sensor to the unit…

Broken speedometer (I tried hard to fit it) in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

It appears now the wire has stretched, causing the wire inside the plastic outer to break, and has somehow shorted out something inside the actual computer unit. Too bad. I now ride without a speedo. Which is actully quite freeing. I like the world without speedos.

My tinkering with the speedo meant that I didn’t get away until 1:30pm. But no worries. Today was a cruisey day climbing slowly but surely up the narrow river valley that makes it way up to the Anzob Pass. Still warm here at 1375m. Camped by the river, only just out of sight of passing cars (of which there are many!).

Full moon campspot, towards Anzob Tunnel, Tajikistan

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