Canary Islands

“At least there’s less dog shit here. France is dog shit central.” – Skipper Steve Dewhurst lamenting about too many drunk British tourists in Las Americas, Tenerife. We were hoping to head out today. However a quick check of the weather maps showed little improvement on the wind situation. Skipper […]

Day 394 – CANARY ISLANDS: Bobbing in the marina

“Quick! Look rich!” – Skipper Steve Dewhurst upon seeing tourists looking at the yacht in the marina. “I’ll be buggered if I’m going to go out there today!” said Steve when he climbed out of his berth this morning. The wind was blowing from the south this morning. And less […]

Day 393 – CANARY ISLANDS: Lazy Sunday

“Go south till the butter melts, then turn right.” – Skipper Steve Dewhurst on how to get across the Atlantic. So the plan was to set sail today. However the wind was not 100% great, and there were still a few things to organise before setting off. One of those […]

Day 392 – CANARY ISLANDS: Melted butter

“Working on a sailboat is 10% sailing and 90% cleaning.” – Steve Dewhurst The boat that we are delivering on this trip has been sitting in the marina in San Miguel in Tenerife for one month. The previous crew that got it from France down this far disintegrated due to […]

Day 391 – CANARY ISLANDS: Sailing is 10% sailing and…

Did lots of flying and ‘normal’ traveling today. Flew from La Rochelle (France) to London (England), then from London to Tenerife (Canary Islands, off the coast of Morocco, North Africa). It was six hours of flying in total, but much more waiting. It took one hour and a half to […]

Day 390 – FRANCE and CANARY ISLANDS: From La Rochelle ...