Amazing People: Kelly

There is something that reminds me almost daily of today’s amazing person. That thing is the down vest I wear. It has two little duct-tape circles stuck to it in perfect symmetry on either side of the zip. These remind me of:


Kelly lives (or at least did in 2007) in Austin, Texas. She is a friend of a great guy I met in Switzerland, and through his help I managed to get in contact with Kelly, who then let me stay at her place (a household of female students) for a well needed weekend break in Austin.

The firepit in Austin, Texas, USA

The two little circles of duct tape were the result of one rouge spark from the brazier above flying onto my jacket. After almost 7,000km and three washes and two years later, the little patches are still on the jacket going strong. Ah the memories.

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One thought on “Amazing People: Kelly

  • libby

    Kelly really is an amazing person. 🙂 Thanks for stopping through Rob! Open invitations to you and yours on your next time through Austin.