2015 Golden Week (Japan)

Full route description coming soon

We were beaten by the hills and snow yesterday, but today we soldiered onward via the alternate route: the magnificent Japan Sea coast road. With a roaring tailwind to boot. One purpose of yesterday’s attempt at crossing the Kariba range was to avoid the Japan Sea coast north of Setana […]

Southwest Hokkaido Cycle Tour Day 4 – Setana to Kuromatsunai

Gravel roads, pushing bikes through snow, and tough decisions…with our cycle touring team now three – counting the addition of Dirk – we set off this morning for what became the most adventurous day of this Golden Week ramble in southern Hokkaido. The day started out easy enough though: a […]

Southwest Hokkaido Cycle Tour Day 3 – Taisei to the ...

This year’s Golden Week in Hokkaido was warm. The warmest it has been for 90 years, apparently. This played out in our cycling today; we might as well have been on our annual summer vacation cycle trip. The day started with a chilly morning, however. Multiple layers and a good […]

Southwest Hokkaido Cycle Tour Day 2 – Assabu to Taisei

Just like in 2013 and 2014, Haidee and I spent this year’s Golden Week holidays (a string of back-to-back public holidays in Japan) to explore a little bit more of Hokkaido, Japan’s large northern-most island. Unlike previous years however, in order to take in vistas further afield we jumped on […]

Southwest Hokkaido Cycle Tour Day 1 – Onuma Park to ...