Daily Archives: February 23, 2007

Today’s distance / 今日の走行距離: 37.79km Average speed / 平均速度: 16.2km/h Time on bike / 走行時間: 2h 19m Total distance to date / 今日までの積算距離: 4029.9km (plus 4200km) Ascent / 上り: +40m Descent / 下り: -85m Ah, so this is what is meant my flat riding! I feel as though I have […]

Day 215 – GREECE: From Komotini to Port Lagos

I lost my pen a while back, so all I have to remind me of the last few days is photographic evidence. So let’s begin. Ah yes. The first day out of Istanbul was cold, wet, and generally ugh-ish. The tailwind was the only saving grace, and I managed to […]

Days 210 to 215 – TURKEY: From Turkey into Greece